Myx is a cable television network based in Quezon City.

It was launched in 2001 as a program for Studio 23 (now ABS-CBN Sports and Action) replacing MTV. In 2002, it was launched as a stand-alone 24-hour music channel on cable. In January 16, 2014, Myx on Studio 23 was finally discontinued before the final sign off on UHF Channel 23.

This channel is available on SkyCable Channel 23, Cablelink Channel 223 (Digital) and Parasat Cable TV Channel 57


Daily ShowsEdit

  • MYX Backtrax - features music hits from the early 50's to the early 2000s
  • MYX Versions - features music videos that were remaked by the past and present artists
  • Rock MYX - features international rock music videos
  • My MYX - features requests granted by your favorite MYX VJ's
  • Take 5 - features 5 music videos from 1 of your favorite artists
  • Star MYX - features the top 5 favorite music videos from your favorite artists
  • Pinoy Rock MYX - features local rock music videos
  • MYX Sure-Fire Hits - features music videos with no distractions
  • Pinoy MYX - features latest OPM music videos
  • Pop MYX - features latest international pop music videos
  • Mellow MYX - features mellow music videos and love problems being solved by the VJ(love songs)
  • Radio MYX - features 5 music videos that are recently played at the station of your favorite DJ's, plus you can see them on TV

Chart ShowsEdit

  • MYX Mobile Top Picks - features the top 12 most downloaded songs of the week, as tabulated from the wide digital ring tone library of MYX Mobile!
  • Pinoy MYX Countdown - features top 20 OPM music videos weekly
  • MYX International Top 20 - features top 20 international music videos weekly
  • MYX Hit Chart - features top 20 music videos in a weekly basis (international and OPM)
  • MYX Daily Top 10 - features top 10 music videos during Mondays through Fridays (international and OPM)

Weekly ShowsEdit

  • Pop MYX: K-Pop Edition - features the hottest and freshest K-Pop music videos
  • MYX News - features the weekly news on what is happening in the entertainment scene in both local and international
  • MYX Live! - features a live performance format show featuring a wide range of artists. Hosted by Jett Pangan of The Dawn.
  • MYX Tugtugan - features a show on how to play your favorite music with the help of your favorite musicians.
  • Wer U At? - features a show that talks about the best hangout places, bars, shops, salons - All places that teenagers frequent. The show is basically a tour on hot spots.
  • MYX Presents - features concerts, documentaries and locally produced specials.
  • MYXellaneous - features behind-the-scenes shows on how your favorite artists produces music videos.
  • Club MYX - features club /dance music videos
  • MYX 3 on 3 - features a star-studded basketball line-up so check if your favorite musician belongs to one of the teams
  • Urban MYX - features RNB, hiphop, rap, jazz, and soul music videos
  • MYX Back2Back - features 3 artists, and for 1 artists, it features 2 music videos.
  • MYXed Lives - features what your favorite VJs are doing when the cameras are not rolling.
  • MYXposed - MYX delves into music and pop culture in this mini-documentary
  • MYX Olympics

MYX SpecialsEdit

  • MYX Celebrity VJ - local artist /celebrity each month. You can catch them on your favorite MYX shows.
  • MYX Premiere - upcoming music videos for the local and international acts.
  • MYX Speaks - local /foreign artist interview on music career and music.


  • Myx Music Awards
  • Summer MYX Fest
  • MYX VJ Search
  • MYX Slam Jam
  • MNet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)
  • MYX Mo!

Previously airedEdit

  • Asia MYX
  • Beat U.K.
  • Coca-Cola Music Studio Volume-Up
  • Cyber MYX
  • Dance MYX (renamed Club MYX)
  • Dyan Banda
  • Late Night MYX
  • Later... with Jools Holland
  • Morning MYX (renamed Myxilog)
  • MYX Bandarito
  • MYX Firsts (renamed MYX Sure-Fire Hits)
  • MYX Forum
  • MYX Halo-Halo
  • MYX Remakes (renamed MYX Versions)
  • MYX Sampler
  • MYX Setlist
  • MYX Suburbia (renamed Urban MYX)
  • MYXilog
  • MYXtreme
  • OPM MYX (renamed Pinoy Myx)
  • OPM Rock MYX (renamed Pinoy Rock MYX)
  • OPM MYX Countdown (renamed Pinoy MYX Countdown)
  • Planet Rock Profiles
  • Pop My MYX
  • Red Hot Myx
  • Rhum on the Rock
  • Tanduay's First Five
  • Top of the Pops
  • World MYX
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